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Holographic / Security Product

  • All the Hologram Product can be used Non toxic plastic or Eco environment Paper. 

  • One-stop professional design/suggestions, making their products more eye-catching. 

  • ​All Hologram Materials are provided by K LASER Technology (HK) Co., Ltd., the only listed and self-developed holographic material supplier in Asia.

Holo. label 1.jpg

Hologram Security Printing Label

security label2.JPG

Holographic Security Label

Available printing code, logo in security ink.


Holographic Box


Holographic Printing Box (Positional Lens Pattern)


Holographic Printing Box (Positional Lens Pattern)

1681613141514-PhotoRoom (2)_edited.jpg

Positional Holographic Embossed Effect Tickets  

1681613141521-PhotoRoom (2)_edited.jpg

Positional Holographic Embossed Effect Coupon


Holographic Printing Sticker


Holographic Paper Folder

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