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Bubble Bag

Surface Material available PE, Foil, Kraft Paper, 
PE Bubble film inside
12 colors gravure printing
Silk Screen printing
(All the printing is tailor made for each client. It is not ODM products)

Bubble Bag Holo-PhotoRoom_edited.jpg

Hologram Bubble Bag

bubble bag3-PhotoRoom_edited.jpg

Customer Design Bubble Bag

bubble bag1-PhotoRoom_edited.jpg

Customer Design Bubble Bag

white kraft paper bubble bag.png

White Kraft paper bubble Bag

PE bubble paper.png

Synthetic paper Bubble Bag

Metal & Holo film

Metal & Holographic film bubble bag

yellow kraft paper bubble bag.png

Yellow kraft paper bubble bag

Foil bubble bag.png

Foil film Bubble bag

bubble bag2-PhotoRoom_edited.jpg

Customer Design Bubble Bag

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